Back On Track


Have you ever felt down and lost in life, or feel like you have lost control?

“Back On Track” is the title of the 2019-20 Marching Band show that focuses on the idea of recovering and getting back on track when life knocks you down.

“My favorite part about the show is the emotional transition before ‘Man of Constant Sorrow,’” said Connor Slemp (9). “It reminds me of going to high school when I gained freedom.”

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with their issues and it is important that you do so you can recover. As the show progresses, the railroad is broken and they put the pieces together to signify overcoming challenges.

“Everyone has struggles in life,” said Teagan Starenchak (10). “Music is something I can use to get through them.”

In the show, prisoners and railroad workers use music to get their mind off of the back-breaking work. Worrying about the issue will often stress a person out so one could use music to find their way.

“My family is based around music so playing music reminds me of good times with them,” said Slemp.
The closer of the show is the song, “I’ll Fly Away,” to show overcoming challenges. It’s much faster and a stronger song than “Down To The River To Pray,” which was in the ballad.

“It generally takes me about a week to get over most things but other things take longer,” said Slemp.

The show expresses a change through many emotions and ups and downs to get to the goal. You just have to push through like a train ready to get back on track and get through it.

“Many times I’ve wanted to give up, but I knew I shouldn’t because there are others who depend on me,” said Slemp.

Life isn’t always easy and when it’s not, you have to keep your mind focused on your goal and stay determined like a train that won’t stop.