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10 Commandments of Hallway Etiquette


The 10 Commandments of Hallway Conduct


  • Walking in the hallway should be in the same fashion as a road. Always walk on the right no matter what direction you are moving. This should be common sense.

  • The speed at which you walk should be how you walk when you have somewhere to be. At which you do. 

  • The hallway is not a place to show your love for your significant other by kissing, making out, or locking lips. No one wants to see that. 

  • When walking in groups in the hallway, only 2 people should walk side by side. There are other people in the hall who have to walk past you. Think about others for a change. 

  • When getting belongings from lockers, there is no reason to slam locker doors. Extra noise is not needed in the hallway.

  • Outrageous, loud noises or words should not be yelled throughout the hallway. It is annoying and NOT laughable by any means. You’re not in middle school.

  • If a person is working out in the hallway, you should not step on them. There is a whole hallway to walk in so give a person their space. 

  • If the hallway is crowded, it is important to do your best to try not to run into anyone. Even though it is crowded, it is not reasonable or polite to run into someone. Respect others. 

  • Always watch where you are walking. Do not walk while looking at your phone. Don’t be that oblivious. Also do not step on the heels of another person’s foot. Stop causing people to do extra work to fix their shoes.

  • Do not randomly stop in the middle of the hallway if there are people walking behind you. Nobody wants a domino effect to happen to them.


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