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The Student News Site of James Buchanan High School

The Rocket Flame

The Student News Site of James Buchanan High School

The Rocket Flame

Magic in the Making

Izzy Hoffeditz
Swishing away with their wands, Oliver Hopkins (Jason Petty), Susie Bones (Kailey Runk), Harry (Addison Nickels), J. Finch Fletchley/Zach Smith (Jocelyn Gurish), Leanne (Emmalyn Diehl), Hannah (Eva Snider), and Sally Perks/Hermeeone (Leah Groen) rehearse for their play, Puffs.

Wizards and wands, two very important elements of the new, upcoming play at James Buchanan High School called Puffs. It features the JBHS drama club and portrays a storyline from the Hufflepuff’s perspective of the classic book and movie, Harry Potter. 

“[The play] is a parody on Harry Potter and so the puffs are like the Hufflepuffs so it’s the story of Harry Potter told by the Hufflepuffs and their seven years at the school and what all happened to them,” Emmalyn Diehl, who stars as Leanne, said. 

It features three main characters, Wayne Hopkins (Jason Petty), Megan Jones (Brylee Smith), and Oliver Rivers (Dylan Showalter). The three pick up different friends and face unique challenges throughout their seven years at magic school. All the Puffs simply want to do would be to go through school to learn how to perfect their magic skills and avoid attacks by outside, evil wizards. 

Drama club directors, Kristin Zimmerman and Luke Spurgeon, chose to go with a more unique play, instead of the frequently done and performed plays, so they went with Puffs

“Our director normally likes to choose plays that maybe aren’t super popular because everybody knows Cinderella, everybody knows Annie, everybody knows Beauty and the Beast,” Diehl said. “Those are all very popular ones that people do, so you like to do stuff that’s maybe a little bit more on the down low that people might not have seen before.”

Laughs have been shared during rehearsals and script readings because of the comedic style of the play. 

“Personally, I love the comedy bits in it because it gets a rise out of the directors, it gets a rise out of us, even the people who are playing the part as it happens,” Adelyn Metcalfe, who plays the role of Myrtle, said. 

Along with the fun and exciting side of play making, also comes a lot of hard work and stress. Between technical setups, stage props, and costumes, lots of time and effort goes into the creation of a play. 

“It can be stressful sometimes so you could have some days you might not have as big of a role as other days,” Metcalfe said. “Sometimes it may be just light work,  just a little run through rehearsal of a scene that is fairly easy to get through. Other days you might be helping out with set design and crew, which is a lot more hands-on, weightlifting sort of stuff, which is also helpful because that set is a lot of work.”

All of their hard work will pay off when cast and crew perform Puffs at James Buchanan High School this Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16 at 7:00 P.M., and Sunday, March 17 at 3:00 P.M. Please come out and support the James Buchanan Drama Club. 


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About the Contributors
Lainey McCulloh
Lainey McCulloh, Staff Writer
Written by Nikki Pence Hello everybody!! Lainey is a thriving sophomore here at JB, and cannot wait to participate in the creation of your yearbook. Not only is Lainey interested in Journalism, but she has always found art club and student council to be enjoyable extracurriculars as well. Outside of school Lainey enjoys baking, drawing, and doing anything where she can show her creativity. She will typically be found on the sideline, either snapping pictures or cheering on her friends and family. Although this is Lainey’s first year of Journalism, luckily she has some background knowledge on taking pictures and photoshop. “I have always liked using photoshop and making things on different apps,” McCulloh said. Even though Lainey is comfortable with her writing abilities, she is particularly thrilled for the camera/tech portion of Journalism. “I think I will probably like the tech/camera portion, because I like taking pictures,” McCulloh shared. Lainey is particularly proud of her academic accomplishments, as she finished third or fourth in her class last year! A little hesitant at first, McCulloh is thrilled that she decided to join Journalism this year, and is super excited to show the rest of the staff everything that she has to offer.
Izzy Hoffeditz
Izzy Hoffeditz, Staff Writer
Written by Elicia Carrington As a senior Izzy Hoffeditz knows she will be attending Bloomsburg University to play D2 soccer. She has been on James Buchanan's girl soccer team since her freshman year; she has also played on a travel soccer team for 14 years. Izzy said her favorite thing about playing soccer is, “ making those big time saves. That is really important. And I've been on so many soccer teams that I have so many friends from around the state, even out of state, and friends who play in college now. And it's cool to see them grow up and play these big Division One schools.” Every sport has their highs and lows, so I continued to ask Izzy what her least favorite thing about soccer is and she said, “My least favorite part about soccer, I don't really have a least favorite part. There's definitely some things I don't like. Playing in the cold but besides that, I love everything about soccer.”   Since Izzy is a senior I asked what has been your favorite part of high school and she said, “I mean if I had to pick my favorite part of high school. Would probably have to be, definitely sports. You basically get a big group of friends and I'd say going to other sporting events and supporting your other friends who play sports, especially. It was my sophomore year. The volleyball team went to districts, and it was cool to see them win. It was cool to be there and support them.”. Even though Izzy is a very talented athlete, she also enjoys going to Mama's Pizza and hanging out with friends, shoe shopping especially bright pink shoes and Nike Air Max, and taking care of her goats and dog. Izzy has close to 30 goats and her dog is a Doberman and Australian shepherd mix.
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