Winter Skincare

When you step outside into the cold, dry air, you can suddenly feel its chilling effect on your skin. The winter’s cold air has little moisture compared to the rest of the year; therefore, it’s important to not forget to give the gift of moisturizer and other products to your skin this season.


As the weather gets colder and your skin starts to attempt to adjust, you may notice some changes in your skin. Altering your daily skincare routine may be needed in order to get your skin back to its natural healthy glow.


“I have a charcoal face wash that I wash my face with every day at both morning and night,” said Gwenhvier Hunt (12).”Then, I use witch-hazel as a toner and a Neutrogena spot treatment. Lastly, I use rose water to hydrate.”


Your skin has its own personality, so daily routines may vary depending on whether your skin is naturally dry or oily. However, seasonal change also causes your skin to adjust. With the cold and dry air, your skin may start to dry up, peel or become red and itchy.


“My skin gets really dry and breaks out more than normal in the winter time,” said Mallory Peck (11). “I make sure I cut down on how often I wash my face because the air is already dry enough, and I make sure I apply extra lotion so it stays hydrated.”


Your hands are also more prone to become dry and crack open. Carrying around a small bottle of lotion may be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing splitting skin.


There are many products that can help ease the pain and inconvenience of dry skin or even just make your skin look and feel more healthy.


“I really like witch-hazel because it’s the most natural toner that you can get,” said Hunt. “Also, it just really works.”


Also, even though Christmas cookies and candy are a must around Christmas, what you eat and drink could also have a pretty big impact on your skin’s health this season.


“I definitely know what I eat affects my skin,” said Peck. “Cutting down on the sugar does wonders for me.”


The skin is the biggest organ of the body. It covers your whole body from head to toe. It protects your other organs from harm and also helps regulate your body temperature. That being said, taking care of your skin this winter season is like a thank you for all that it does for you.