Explore Your Major


On January 23, the JBHS College Ambassadors held their first Major Exploration Day.  Throughout the day the Ambassadors presented PowerPoint presentations and handed out pamphlets to inform students about different college majors and careers they may want to pursue.  Covering twelve different majors from International Studies to Health Sciences, there was information for everyone.

“At one of our weekly meetings the College Ambassadors choose different majors that they wanted to represent,” said Amy Violante (Faculty). “Then they made handouts visuals to share with the other students.”

The goal was to inform the student body about career paths you can choose and the different steps required to get there. Ambassadors were split up into four groups to collect information about careers and study up on various topics that they then would present to the student body.  

Cass Martin and Harley Rife (12) teach Hannah Zomak, Cormac Houpt, and Logan Williams (12) about Health Sciences.

“We had a lot of students come today interested in Nursing and Business,” said Cass Martin (12). “ We gave the students something to take with them so that they could go home and reflect afterward.”

Students came in and out of the library all day to watch the presentations and get the handouts created by the Ambassadors.  Anyone who participated in the Major Exploration Day by asking questions or listening to a presentation received a penate from the college of their choice.  Students were also added into a raffle for a chance to win a speaker or headphones as a prize.

“I really enjoyed getting to learn about my intended major, Animal Science,” said Rose Runyan (12). “Ms. Violante told me about the in-depth requirements and what I must do to achieve that major.”

Visuals shown during the Major Exploration Day showed schooling requirements for the intended careers. If there wasn’t a PowerPoint on a career selected by a student there was a bin full of miscellaneous careers that had information regarding the paths taken to get there.  The Ambassadors felt that they had a successful day with over 70 participants entered in the speaker raffle.

“The morning was a little slow, but thanks to some great study hall advertisement and some teachers who encouraged their student to come, we had a good turn out,” said Violante.

For more college advice and assistance, Ms. Violante will also be holding the next SATTea Time next Friday, February 1 for whoever is interested in registering for the spring SAT.  Also, there will be another FAFSA completion night on February 11 for any seniors who still need help completing financial aid packages.

Aria Jewel-Barnett (12) presents English and Education majors during Major Exploration Day.