What’s Next for you after High School?

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What’s Next for you after High School?

Hannah Myers, Editor

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With only three months left in their senior year, students in the graduating class are feeling a lot of stress about what is next. There are three primary options for graduating seniors:  entering the workforce, joining the military, or heading to college. Some of the seniors have already figured out what they will be doing when they leave JB.


Joining the workforce straight out of high school can be tough, but with the help of Mrs. Chris Shelley (Faculty) and the Work Co-Op program, it can make it easier. RJ Fogelsonger (12) will be heading straight to the workforce after high school. Fogelsonger was working at another job, but he wanted to work in a shop and somewhere he could continue to work after high school. Shelley knew there was a job opening at APX Industrial Coating, and was able to get him a job there. He is currently working there as a prepper.


“I prep things to get painted, sand them, tape them up, and just prep,” said Fogelsonger.


Right now he is not in a high-ranking position but he hopes it may be different in the future. At his workplace he is able to move up through the ranks as he gets more experience.


“I would be a supervisor if I got the chance,” said Fogelsonger.


He has not been at this job long but he has decided this is the job from which he would like to build his career. Some people are made for the workforce and others are not, but he hopes in the end that it will work out well for him.


Another option after high school is to join the military. Some people may build an entire life out of the military, while others sign a contract for a certain amount of time and then start a different career.. Shayla Ramsey (12)  is heading to the United States Air Force after graduation.


“I really wanted to join the military because it is different from what everyone else is doing,” said Ramsey. “I also have a lot of family in the military and that encouraged me to join.”


After her eight-week basic training in Texas, she will be headed to Mississippi to her tech school to learn her job for the Air Force.


“My job is client systems, Ramsey said. “It’s basically working with computers and just troubleshooting.”


After the two- to three-month tech school is completed, Ramsey will be stationed in West Virginia to perform her job. However, she will not be in the military forever. After her contract is up with the Air Force, Ramsey wants to head to college to become a nurse. She hopes to make nursing her lifetime career.


Heading to college is another option available when leaving high school. Makenna Snider (12)  is planning to attend Wilson College for nursing after graduation in June.


“I have always wanted to be a nurse and to be a nurse you’re required to go to college,” said Snider.  “Plus I want to set myself up for a successful career.”


When her schooling is completed and she is officially a Registered Nurse, Snider hopes to get a job at the Chambersburg Hospital in the Emergency Room. However, she doesn’t see herself here forever.


“I hope to see myself as a flight nurse on Life Net to fly and be a nurse on there,” said Snider.


Life Net is the helicopter unit that lands at serious accidents and they also transport patients from a local hospital to a more advanced care hospital. To do this Snider must be an RN as well as become a certified paramedic.


“You’re administering medicine like a paramedic would do in an ambulance but you’re doing it on a helicopter instead,” said Snider.


Snider knows that going to college to become a nurse is the best option for her. However, this is not the same for everybody.


Having many options available to you after high school can ease some of the stress you may feel when graduating. Joining the workforce,military, or college is just some of the countless things that you can do.


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