Rockets Block Out for Pink-Out against Big Spring


On Thursday, October 12,  the Lady Rocket Volleyball team supported Breast Cancer Awareness through their Pink-Out game against the Big Spring Bulldogs. The whole gym was decorated in pink, and even the team wore new Pink-out uniforms to help support the cause.


“It was much appreciated that everyone came out and supported us,” Senior Mackenzie Runk said. “ we raised a lot of money for a good cause and we all had a really good time,”


Not only did the proceeds to view the game go to raise awareness for breast cancer, the team also sponsored a bake sale for spectators in the lobby.They also included a fun half-time pizza box game for spectators. They could pay a dollar for a chance to try and serve a ball into a pizza box to receive the prize of a free pizza from Mamma’s. All profits made from the game went to cancer research, and the bake sale raised funds for the team.


“ We raised close to 300 dollars from the pizza fundraiser and the bake sale,”  Runk said. Other than supporting breast cancer awareness, the team also spent the whole game supporting each other on the court during a close game.


For their second matchup against Big Spring, the Lady Rocket Volleyball team pulled out a close win, taking five sets to win 3-2 over the Bulldogs.


“We started out really strong and I was hoping we could pull a win out in three sets,” Runk said. “We ended up going to five, so it made it a lot more nerve-racking to finish and win, and we were all a lot more passionate about the game,”


The Rockets won their first and fourth set against the Bulldogs and took the tie-breaking fifth set 17-15.


“Yesterday we played our hearts out,” said Runk.

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“We haven’t had a game like that in a while so it was really uplifting,”

— Mackenzie Runk


So far the Volleyball squad’s current record is 9-7 and they don’t plan on slowing down for the remainder of the season.


“I’m hoping that with such a great win that we had yesterday that we take that win and carry it through the rest of the season to play our hardest, even if we lose,”  Runk said.


The Rockets have had a “season full of ups and downs, and have had to work to get where they are now”, said Kirstyn Black (12).


“We had a really good start to the season, then it got kind of rocky the first week or two, but we were able to pull it together and we’ve been doing really good lately,” she explained.


The Volleyball season is coming to a close with the team’s final event, Tuff Puff Volleyball on November 11.  Student teams pay to play each other in a volleyball tournament as a fun ending to the season.