Activity Period Change


This year JB started the school year off with new students, new teachers, and a new activity period change. Activity period is now after third period compared to past years where it was at the start of the day.  This has been a major adjustment. Faculty would use this time to prepare for classes and students would use this time to check homework and review for tests. 

Mr. Samuel Dickey (Principal) wanted to get a jump start to the student’s academic day. School doors open at 8:00 a.m.  Because of our geographical area, busses are arriving between 8:00- 8:30 a.m. Homeroom ends at 8:35 and students are off to first period.

Students arriving as early as 8 a.m. have 35 minutes of free time to begin their day, while students who are dropped off closer to 8:30 walk in and have to begin their day right away. Dickey feels the best approach is to have students begin their academic day right away while they are productive and have a positive attitude.

“Sometimes our days took forever to get started,” said Dickey.

There are many mixed feelings about the new change and a lot of adjusting. It’s a new experience for students that were used to the same schedule. 

“I can’t do my work in the morning,”  said Evan Clopper (11).

“I have to come to school now right away,” said Syrus Maldonado (12).



Some feel that with the new activity period change their day goes by faster; instead of having classes back to back, they can have a break between classes. Others feel having activity period first thing in the morning allowed students to ask teachers questions about homework they were not understanding or finish homework from the night before.

“It gives me a break throughout my periods,” said Johnny Crowe (12).

This has been an adjustment for all faculty and students. “It’s a change that’s open for discussion,” said Dickey.

In the past years, students thought activity period was optional in the morning. People would show up late because they had extra time to relax at home. Students now have to come in on time, since we start classes right away. In hopes, Dickey wants to see kids participating in extracurricular activities.