Helping The Community Around Them


  On Thursday April 11, the James Buchanan National Honor Society (NHS took a trip to Cove Valley Christian Camp to help spruce up their camp to get it ready for the upcoming summer.  The work day at Cove Valley marked the first time that the new inductees worked alongside the old inductees to accomplish a clean-up day for the camp.

The shed needing a new coat of paint, Cassidy Martin (12) and new inductee, Cierra Hartman (11) take on the daring task.

  Throughout the day NHS members had several different tasks to accomplish around the camp. A second-year member of the club, Emily Palmerchuck (12), volunteered to help her fellow members split and stack wood for the camp. This was her last time volunteering for NHS.

  “It’s really fulfilling I would say, but it’s also really sad because we were working with a lot of the same students from last year, and we’re just getting to know the new recruits”said Emily Palmerchuck. “It’s really sad that we’re not gonna be able to work with them anymore.”

  The veteran members of the club will be stepping down to graduate on May 31, 2019  and the new members will step up to take the place of the seniors to guide the club into the future.

  “I think they have really started to step up quickly,” said Emily Palmerchuck. “I know some groups in the past have just been a part of it, these new inductees are really putting forth the effort, and you can tell they care about the organization.”

  By shedding some light onto what it’s like to help the community around them, the junior members demonstrate leadership qualities.

  Claire Kriner (11) , a new inductee, volunteered her time at Cove Valley to pick up logs that have been split for firewood.

  “It felt really good,” said Kriner. “It’s hard to believe if we didn’t come today, all the people that were there that helped out at the camp would have had to do it, and that was a lot of work.”

Helping pick up logs to be split into firewood is Kristen Louder (12) helping along are her teammates.

  Splitting and stacking wood, painting the shed, picking up sticks, and raking the flower bed were the tasks for the members. The clean up was all possible with the help of the Cove Valley Christian Camp volunteers that guided them along throughout the day. As the senior members will graduate in May, the new inductees will continue this journey into their senior year by advancing their hours from their junior year to volunteer more around the community, as well as trying to make an impact within the school district.