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Spring Has Sprung At One North Coffee Shop


Spring has sprung! One North Coffee Shop in Mercersburg, PA welcomes spring with a pop-up shop of decadent treats ranging from cupcakes to brownies to cakes. Flowers galore of all colors were present, as well as jewelry to spruce up colorful outfits to welcome the warm weather. The spring atmosphere was alive and well at One North Coffee Shop.

Helping The Community Around Them


  On Thursday April 11, the James Buchanan National Honor Society (NHS took a trip to Cove Valley Christian Camp to help spruce up their camp to get it ready for the upcoming summer.  The work day at Cove Valley marked the first time that the new inductees worked alongside the old inductees to accomplish a clean-up day for the camp.

The shed needing a new coat of paint, Cassidy Martin (12) and new inductee, Cierra Hartman (11) take on the daring task.

  Throughout the day NHS members had several different tasks to accomplish around the camp. A second-year member of the club, Emily Palmerchuck (12), volunteered to help her fellow members split and stack wood for the camp. This was her last time volunteering for NHS.

  “It’s really fulfilling I would say, but it’s also really sad because we were working with a lot of the same students from last year, and we’re just getting to know the new recruits”said Emily Palmerchuck. “It’s really sad that we’re not gonna be able to work with them anymore.”

  The veteran members of the club will be stepping down to graduate on May 31, 2019  and the new members will step up to take the place of the seniors to guide the club into the future.

  “I think they have really started to step up quickly,” said Emily Palmerchuck. “I know some groups in the past have just been a part of it, these new inductees are really putting forth the effort, and you can tell they care about the organization.”

  By shedding some light onto what it’s like to help the community around them, the junior members demonstrate leadership qualities.

  Claire Kriner (11) , a new inductee, volunteered her time at Cove Valley to pick up logs that have been split for firewood.

  “It felt really good,” said Kriner. “It’s hard to believe if we didn’t come today, all the people that were there that helped out at the camp would have had to do it, and that was a lot of work.”

Helping pick up logs to be split into firewood is Kristen Louder (12) helping along are her teammates.

  Splitting and stacking wood, painting the shed, picking up sticks, and raking the flower bed were the tasks for the members. The clean up was all possible with the help of the Cove Valley Christian Camp volunteers that guided them along throughout the day. As the senior members will graduate in May, the new inductees will continue this journey into their senior year by advancing their hours from their junior year to volunteer more around the community, as well as trying to make an impact within the school district.

Teens, A Life-Threatening Disease, and Love

Movie Review: ‘Five Feet Apart’



  A romance is flourishing in the hospital wing of two teenagers with cystic fibrosis. Directed by Justin Baldoni, the tear jerking movie features a girl named Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) who has hope for extending her life expectancy. She is an on-task, orderly, bright young girl who seems to have her life and her med cart put together.  On the other hand, a rebellious boy Will (Cole Sprouse) is not too keen on his treatments, is the complete opposite of Stella, an artistic, insurgent with a bad-tempered attitude. Will he change his act for a love that is expanding?

  With emotion, comes tears. The actors did a phenomenal job expressing emotion throughout the film. They built up the intensity to the perfect point then let it drop into a cascade of tears. In the movie theater, I could hear the whimpering and the cries from the teenage girls around me.

  Enchantment was amongst the two cystic fibrosis patients with a desire for love without touch. The display of affection towards each other played a key role in this film. This may have been challenging considering neither of them may touch due to fear they can get each other sick to the point of death. They wrote notes, Facetimed, and compiled drawings to display their desire towards each other.

  Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson exhibited congruity with their characters. They were a match made in heaven for this film! The couple together showed desire and passion as if it was real. In films, they show desire towards one another through a touch or a perhaps a kiss. Showing great strength of their relationship through talks, drawings, and a pool stick to separate them.

  The movie as a whole represented the struggles of a person with cystic fibrosis. The love, heartaches, and endless long days and nights spent within the hospital to find a treatment that works to extend or cure the longevity of their life. It also teaches you to the live every moment like its your last to take that chance such as taking that one foot to stand five feet apart instead of six. “I live to take the medicine,” said Stella. “I need to take the medicine to live.” I gave this movie a overall 3 out of 5 stars due to the movie lacking of relatability to the characters and some scenes from the movie are portrayed less than reality.




How to Beat the Winter Blues


The official winter months are heading our way. On Friday, Dec. 21, the mark of winter will be upon us. For many, this means hibernating in the warmth of our houses to avoid the cold chilly air, or the opposite for the snow lovers who can’t wait for snowfall. If you’re that certain person who prefers to hibernate in the winter, I am here to give you some ideas to beat those so called winter blues.

Hot Cocoa

A staple item for the winter is hot chocolate, the creamy smoothness of the chocolate after a fun day in the cold of building a snowman will warm you up. This drink is a favorite for many children and adults at heart. There are several ways to make this decadent drink. The simplest way would be to go to your local grocery store and pick up some hot cocoa mix powder, and either make it with hot milk or water. If you’re lucky, some of the packets come with mini marshmallows, but if not available, you can always pick up a bag. Another way would be to make the hot chocolate homemade, you can find a recipe for this drink here. I hope that hot cocoa warms you up from the cold winter days!

Christmas Movies

Ho! Ho! Ho! Is that Santa Claus coming? Oh wait, no, that’s just a Christmas movie playing. Nothing beats a nice relaxed evening, snuggled by the fire, watching a movie filled with Christmas joy. Some classic Christmas movies are Elf, The Grinch Stole Christmas, or The Polar Express. No matter the movie you choose, they are all great movies that will give you a laugh to beat those winter blues.  If you do not have any holiday movies handy, do not fret, the Hallmark channel is a great go to. In fact, the Hallmark channel is so dedicated to Christmas that they have a schedule online that can be found here.  Snuggle up, enjoy some hot cocoa, and let the film role.

Cookies for Santa

It’s not Christmas without ensuring that there are cookies made for Santa. Baking a dozen cookies or so won’t hurt, except maybe if you eat too many. In this day in age, there are thousands of cookie recipes that can be found on the internet, in magazines, or in cookbooks. If you need some ideas visit that shows some of the 51 best Christmas cookie recipes. A classic Christmas cookie would have to be cut-out sugar cookies that can be made into silhouettes representing the holidays from snowflakes to reindeer. Whether you want to buy store-bought cookie dough or make it from scratch is entirely up to you, but either way they are going to be scrumptious. P.S. don’t forget to save some for Santa!

Have you heard of the gingerbread man?

You have seen the gingerbread house fails all over social media of the caved in roofs, the missing walls, and the gingerbread man missing a head. Sounds fun, right? But why not give it a try and get into the holiday spirit. If you are up for a challenge, you can try making a homemade gingerbread house with a recipe, but let’s be real, who actually makes their own gingerbread house from scratch when it’s just gonna get destroyed? So go to your local grocery store, pick out a gingerbread kit, and get started building. This may be the first time in your life that you can pretend to be a contractor. This also is a great thing to do with family members or friends. I wish you luck! Check out some amazing gingerbread houses here.

Last-Minute Shopping

I know the pain that comes with last minute shopping, as some people say “been there done that”, so to express this I wrote a little song about it.

Dashing through the mall

In a one coarse shopping cart

Through the stores we go

Crying all the way

Waah! Waah! Waah!

As reading or singing through the song, you can tell that last minute shopping is not for everyone, but it needs to be done. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, I would say it’s time to strap on those snow boots and wool jacket to head to the stores. If you’re struggling with some gift ideas, it’s always good to consult the internet before going. According to target, here are some lists of gifts that are great options. Good luck with the holiday crowd!

Whitetail Ski Resort

If you are a fairly active person or would like to pick up a new hobby this winter, Whitetail Ski Resort is now open for the season. The cold weather means that it’s snow blowing time for the ski resort to kick into full action and to take advantage of the freezing weather. Already know how to ski or snowboard? Great! Hit the slopes and have fun. Don’t know how to? Don’t worry, you can get lessons in either skiing or snowboarding for any age. If it’s not your thing, you can still take a gander up there to go tubing. Have questions or want more info, visit their website.

The winter blues dialing down, catch up with a friends or family by building a gingerbread house, watching a holiday movie, or baking some cookies.The winter months are upon us, bundle up, get cozy, and have a hot cocoa or two!

Hustling and Bustling Through NYC

Fascinated by adventure, but don’t wanna take the plunge to jump on a plane or travel halfway across the country? New York City may be the place to have a little thrill.

Located in the Northeastern side of the United States between Pennsylvania and the Canadian border, it is but a mere three to five-hour travel depending on the time and day. Here is a nifty travel guide to give you the ins and outs of the “Big Apple.”

Getting There

There are endless amounts of ways to enter into the city: buses, cars, planes, trains, even Uber, but that may put a dent in your pocket.

Buses are your best bet for getting into the city for the first time as a New York tourist. It ensures you arrive and depart without any worry of being left behind or stranded in the midst of skyscrapers. These tend to cost between $90-200, depending on which bus company and the excursions involved. Obviously, the more money you have to spare, the longer the days and hours being able to be spent in the city.

Cars can also be a mode of transportation to get into the “Big Apple,” but it is  not recommend to drive into the city unless you know of someone inside the city since it can get complicated fast due to several reasons:

  1. Limited parking. It is a big city filled with millions of people. I wish you luck finding a parking space.
  2. Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. Your car will be buried amongst buses, taxis, Ubers, Lyfts, and locals to the area.
  3. Go ahead and buy a replacement horn. Trust me on this, you will need a new horn after driving through this crazy city. You may hear birds chirping from where you’re from, but in New York, those “birds chirping” are horns being honked.

Simply do not drive.

Lastly, the Amtrak Train is by far the best transportation I have taken. You can find all the train station locations here.

Depending on the location of entering the Amtrak will determine the amount of time to get the city and the price.


A four-letter word that is dearest to everyone’s heart, especially in a place with so many options to choose from.

As everyone will tell you, pizza is always the way to go. This will, in fact, be your cheapest option in the city with several nook-and-cranny pizza places having 99 cent slices of pizza that will be bigger than your head, literally. You can find many of pizza places scattered throughout the city, but your best bet for authentic may perhaps be Little Italy.

If you are not so big into the greasy on the go type, or you are just not in the mood for pizza, there are approximately 44,910 eating and drinking locations in New York City according to

Good luck trying to figure out which place to eat!

As a dessert connoisseur, you should rightfully choose Dō Cookie Dough Confections. when coming for a sugary treat. The go-to choice would be the sugar cookie dough served in a cone, but if preferred can be put into a dish. If you are vegan or gluten-free, they have options for you, too! If wishing to go, type this address into your GPS and off you go: 550 LaGuardia PI, New York, NY 10012.

Parks & Outdoor Spaces

Central Park, a hidden forest inside a bustling cityscape that when lost inside, you cannot see the penetrating buildings touching the sky. 840 acres total, the park has many features. One of them coming up is the famous Wollman Rink which can found in many famous ice skating scenes in movies making it a popular spot during the cold season. After getting ice skating checked off your list, head over to the historic carousel to bring out your inner child and take a spin. If none of these sound pleasing, just take a stroll through the beautiful paths lined with park benches and embrace the sights and sounds within.

Known as Manhattan’s Town Square is Bryant Park, a place to sit and watch people pass, get a bite to eat, or take in the skyscrapers encasing the park. There is always something to take on in this part of the city. The park is bustling with activity from ping pong matches that you can sign up to play a random opponent or perhaps a friend. If you are up for a challenge, you may also enter yourself into a ping-pong tournament if you are lucky to catch one while walking through. Hungry for something to eat, you can find a restaurant called the SouthWest Porch located 41 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018 where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal while still see the features of the park around you.

An iconic bridge can be spotted in New York known as the Brooklyn Bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn together over the East River.  Many people like to recreate the famous pictures that are taken on the bridge, but if you are not a fan you can just snap some cool pictures.

Dropping the cash

The spot every tourist visits and locals avoid is Time Square, known for the New Year’s Ball Drop, and for the most popular shopping stores in America. The stores located in this prime location are Hershey’s Chocolate World, Sephora, M&M’s World, Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle Outfitters, and many more. A prime location for business, many of these stores hold special features that you could never experience anywhere else such as walking the runway in H&M to be broadcasted on the Time Square monitors, or snap some photos in American Eagle to be flashed up on the screens for millions of people to see.

If you are not about dropping that cash, but wanna pick up some new style or some items walk your way through Chinatown. Throughout, you will find shops and markets selling things cheaper than other places in the city.

The higher budget stores can found on Fifth Avenue where you will find Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Cartier, and many other high price stores like Gucci. Traveling on this Avenue before, but never had the opportunity to every to walk into one of the stores, if you can’t afford the stores, take a look and admire the decor and window displays. They are some of the most exotic and glamorous displays to be seen.

What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and immerse yourself into the “Big Apple” and discover something unknown about the city while taking in the view of the New York skyline.

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