The Flu Ends With You!


       With winter approaching, sports aren’t the only thing starting their season; the flu is also rearing into full swing. The temperatures are dropping and the spreadable flu bug seems to be everywhere!  Is there any way to avoid it?


There is, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC): the flu shot is a good option to keep illnesses away.  The flu shot, as described by the CDC, is  a “vaccine that causes antibodies to develop in the body,” which then allows the antibodies to “provide protection against infection with the viruses.”


Who can get the Influenza shot?  “The CDC recommends everyone 6 months of age or older get the vaccine,” said Mrs. Bethany Snyder ( Faculty),


“It is most important ( to get the shot)  for those who may have a weakened immune system or ability to fight off the virus,” Snyder said.


So why are people against getting vaccinated?  Many people are against getting the shot because of misinformation about it. A lot of people think it either protects all strains of the flu or that the shot gives you the flu.



“It is true that it doesn’t actually protect against all strains of the flu,” said  Snyder.


The strains are chosen by national influenza centers around the country based on the CDC ‘s prediction of which types of flu will be most present in the year coming.


“ The flu shot itself does not give you the flu,”  explained  school nurse  Mrs. Kimberly Clopper (Faculty),  “The only risks with the shot are side effects that are expected with any shot, such as redness, swelling, and achiness in the injection site.”


Along with the CDC recommending frequent shots, they also suggest getting the latest version that applies to the current year.  This season the CDC recommends the use of injectable influenza vaccines and to avoid the nasal spray flu vaccine during 2017-2018.


Other than getting the recommended injectible vaccines, there are other precautions you can take to avoid falling ill. “Practice good handwashing techniques, take vitamins, and try and get plenty of rest,”  said  Snyder.


Along with Clopper who suggests  “Try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, “  to help ward off the flu.


The best way to avoid the flu any season is to research what treatment options best work for you. “ Educate yourself on the proven risks and benefits of receiving a flu shot,” said Clopper “ There is a lot of wrong information regarding the flu shot”.