How to Purchase a Yearbook

If you participated in the Yearbook Fundraiser:

Students have the opportunity to participate in a yearbook fundraiser during the first two weeks of school where they may earn money off their yearbook. Each item sold earns $5 off the price of the yearbook.  A yearbook will be ordered for each student participating in the fundraiser and the student is responsible for the balance due by the end of January. Invoices will be sent out in November. Students who do not want a yearbook should not participate in the yearbook fundraiser.

Fundraiser Delivery Date: October 3, 2017, 3-5 PM in JBHS Cafeteria.

If you DID NOT participate in the Yearbook Fundraiser:

Students who do NOT participate in the yearbook fundraiser must purchase their yearbook directly from Jostens.  They may purchase by clicking here.  DO NOT order if you did the fundraiser!!!!