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Senior Superlatives 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following Seniors for winning Senior Superlatives in the yearbook! We will be in touch in the coming month to photograph you for the yearbook!  Teachers will be voting on JB Legacy and we will announce on this page next week!

Most Athletic – Dan Corcoran & Ella Jones

Most Evolved – Michael Newman & Emily Newman

Best Smile – Cormac Houpt & Maria Burkett

Biggest Outdoorsmen – David Clopper & Danielle Barnhart

Most Fashionable – Jarred Moquin & Madi Dorsey

Best Hair – Noah Walter & Kayla Locke

Best Laugh – Nathan Walls & Breanna Dukehart

Worst Case of Senioritis – Galen Oberholzer & Bryanna Lehman

Most Musical – Logan Williams & Chelsea Wareham

Most Artistic – Aaron Stone & Olivia Harmon

Class Clown – Julian Barcelo & Shaelyn Kaiser

Most Likely to Succeed – Dale Miller & Amber Clark

Most Involved – Jarrett Iverson & Alyssa Blair

Best Eyes – Derek Pine & Jenna Mongold

Most Likely to Look 20 When They are 40 – Cash Atherton & Gwen Hunt

Most Friendly – Jake Line & Madi Shupp

Most Charisma – Noah Wise & Lindsay Ambrisco

JB Legacy – Owen Stoner & Maggie Strawoet

Yearbook Senior Ads – How To!

The perfect gift for a graduating senior!

Senior ad papers were mailed out to all seniors this week.  If you did not receive an ad form, you can print off an extra copy HERE.

It is not required to place a senior ad but is certainly encouraged as this is a special message to graduating seniors.  Senior ads typically include a baby photo and a senior photo not already in the yearbook.  We will need the photography release if someone other than Myerly & Lowe took your photo for publication purposes.

Some sample student ads from last year are below.



How to Purchase a Yearbook

If you participated in the Yearbook Fundraiser:

Students have the opportunity to participate in a yearbook fundraiser during the first two weeks of school where they may earn money off their yearbook. Each item sold earns $5 off the price of the yearbook.  A yearbook will be ordered for each student participating in the fundraiser and the student is responsible for the balance due by the end of January. Invoices will be sent out in November. Students who do not want a yearbook should not participate in the yearbook fundraiser.

Fundraiser Delivery Date: October 3, 2017, 3-5 PM in JBHS Cafeteria.

If you DID NOT participate in the Yearbook Fundraiser:

Students who do NOT participate in the yearbook fundraiser must purchase their yearbook directly from Jostens.  They may purchase by clicking here.  DO NOT order if you did the fundraiser!!!!

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