Stop the Headlines!

XC Keeps Us Warm – Again
Stop the Headlines!
written by Colby Sites
Allow me the opportunity to give you a chance to own a piece of James Buchanan history. Just like the arrival of Halley’s Comet, this event is not something you want to regret missing. Our beloved cross country captain Elizabeth Cooper spent the summer brainstorming and creating this fundraiser as a way to provide our Tuscarora community a sigil to show our togetherness. This is more than just a fundraiser, this is a moment to support our students and our school as we compete both in and out of the classroom. May I present to you, the next generation of blankets!
Yes! People begged and we listened! Again the team will be selling the new and improved blankets this year! Also this goes beyond the high school as our inaugural middle school cross country team will also be selling the blankets! These blankets are made from the softest materials East of the Mississippi with colorful dyes that will make all other blankets envious! My dear friends, this is your only chance to own your very own warming embracement of a blanket decorated in our school pride.
Last year we broke records by selling one hundred blankets in thirty-six hours. This year our goal is under thirty hours. Blankets can be purchased from any cross country runner, or see Mr. Stan at the middle school or Mr. Sites at the high school. Blankets are $40, but my friends you deserve to have this blanket. Or find it in your heart to give this blanket to any and all of your family and friends. Here on the cross country team, we believe that you all only deserve the best in life and this blanket is a critical piece! Cash is the preference, but we also take checks made out to JBABA!
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