Making Memories on the Green


Taking a nice swing Claire sends the ball towards the hole. Photo Credit: Maricris Alfree

Being the only girl on the James Buchanan golf team never stopped Claire Alfree (12)  from working hard and competing during her 2017 season. Not only was she the lone girl on the team, she was also the only person to make it to Districts to compete.Alfree considers herself an encouraging source on the golf team. Being a senior, she hopes her teammates listen to her advice and positive feedback.


“I’m more of a motivator,” Alfree said. “I know I’m not the best person on the golf team but I try really hard to make it enjoyable for everyone.”


Alfree has been playing golf on the James Buchanan team since her freshman year of high school. What got Alfree interested in golf her freshman year was her parents, but the beginning of that season was not her first time playing.


“When I was younger, my grandparents would take me out to hit a couple golf balls and see if they would go straight or not,” Alfree said.


She has been working to improve her skills in her four years of playing golf on the team, and that is how she made it from Mid-Penn’s on to Districts. Before she went to Districts on Friday, October 6th, she had to work hard on her physical and mental game, more so than she usually had to.


“I unfortunately hurt my shoulder at the last regular season match,” Alfree said.


Going into Districts with an injury, Alfree had to focus on the little things to get herself prepared for the matches she faced that day.


“I couldn’t really golf but I still felt like I needed to golf. I really focused on my short game, which is close around the green,” Alfree said.


Although she did not qualify for the last round at Districts, she was ranked well in the list of golfers.


“Out of 60 girls I was ranked 39, so that is pretty good for someone who hasn’t golfed for very long,” Alfree said.


In the group of girls she was golfing against, Alfree had the second lowest score, but it was only by a difference of two strokes. While in her match, she hit the ball from the T-Box all the way to the green, and almost to the hole, which is not an easy task. Sometimes it can take two to three or even more shots to make it to the green.


“Claire shot a 97, which was good considering she was playing injured,” Golf Coach Mr. Mark Wise (Faculty) said.


Although she will no longer be playing golf at James Buchanan next year, she has high hopes for them in the next season.


“It would be awesome if they had a winning record next year,” she said


To anyone that would like to play golf for James Buchanan next season, Alfree gives some tips.


“Don’t quit!  You’re supposed to be doing bad, and don’t let one single bad round ruin your game and stop you,” said Alfree.