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The Rocket Flame

The Student News Site of James Buchanan High School

The Rocket Flame

The Student News Site of James Buchanan High School

The Rocket Flame



Welcome back girls! It’s a new month, and we’re back again! This month I’ll be introducing some new material, two new sections… The Drama Corner and Fashion Suicide! The new sections where I tell you some of the hottest JBHS gossip and the fashion I think is in and out. Now, let’s get into it. 

“What’s New Boo?!” – 

  • It may seem like a far off thing, but Christmas (December 25) is coming up. Make sure you have all of your shopping done!!
  • Student Council will be hosting a food drive through the month of December to help the local food pantry and homeless shelters. 
  • Leadership Franklin County is currently holding a clothing drive through December 20. All proceeds go to Little Daisy’s Closet. The group provided clothes and any other help to those in need, with little to no cost to them. 

Fun Fact of the Day!:

December is Universal Human Rights Month, and includes days like World AIDS Day (December 1) and International Animal Rights Day (December 10)

Sawyer’s Thoughts: 

With the holiday season in full swing, I’ve been thinking. Let’s calm down when you’re out and about shopping and what not. If someone says happy holidays, realize that your winter holiday isn’t the only one to exist, ok? Also, be freaking patient! Everyone has shopping to do and it’s not like you’re Jesus, or the president, or anyone special. Take a breath and wait your turn!

(P.S. If I hear one more person say that Christmas stuff came out too early at the stores, I will actually throw up. It’s called Capitalism babe, get used to it. It has been around since before you were born, and it will get worse before you die. Just listen to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. and drink an iced peppermint mocha.) 

The Drama Corner:

One thing I’ve noticed lately is even though it’s getting to be quite chilly out, some of our students still think that they can come to school half naked. Ew! No one wants to see any of that, not even your boyfriend, or he wouldn’t be cheating on you… Anywhosies! For those of you who have all of your skin out, maybe worry a little less about being a “hot girl” and instead do your missing Algebra work! 

Fashion Suicide: 

Something I DO NOT want to see this winter are those puffer vests. It’s giving British Chav realness. Another thing that needs to be left in the past is this obsession with those Lululemon body bags. It looks like a fanny pack on your chest, and they are SO overpriced. 

Well pookies, it’s been fun. Until next time…


Sawyer Strine <3 

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Sawyer Strine
Sawyer Strine, Staff Writer
Written by Emma Smith This brand-new addition to the yearbook staff is just what we need!  Sawyer Strine finds that the yearbook is one of the most memorable parts of your school.  During school, he enjoys the English and art classes for the creative opportunities they give.  Music and writing are huge parts of how Sawyer decompresses after his busy schedule.  He uses those elements for decompressing after dealing with his busy schedule.   Besides being on the journalism staff, he is president of the Equality Club and wants to make sure everyone in JBHS can safely express themselves.  In an interview, Sawyer states, "...what can we do to help other kids who aren't able to be as open as we are and feel safe because even they get made fun of for just being themselves.”  While having the president of a club and having a job can take a lot of his time, You can rest assured that he will dedicate time to achieve the best pieces of writing and the best photos!   
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