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Every sport has a designated season, but who says you can’t start workouts before that start date? As winter sports are coming to an end, spring sports are in full swing. Hard work is needed to be successful at anything, and that includes sports and the fundamentals within. Many sports at James Buchanan provide preseason activities for student athletes. At this moment, preseason activities for spring sports are in full swing. Boys’ and Girls’ Track, Softball, Boys’ Tennis, and Baseball are all spending time honing their skills.

“For preseason tennis, we go to the Mercersburg Academy, where they have indoor courts,” said Nick Alfree (12). “Depending on their availability, we play competitively, doing matches and individual drills so we have a head start.” 

Many teams have optional practices like this for students, which allows them to better prepare themselves for their upcoming season. 

“I enjoy this a lot because since freshman year, I basically started from nothing to now having a good handle on the fundamentals,” said Alfree.

Athletes  use preseason activities to further their skills and keep themselves in shape for the season ahead.

“We do more weight training instead of skills, said Coach Breanna Grove (Faculty). “Skills are more during the season, off season is more general training or general fitness.”

Off-season training allows for students to make decisions on what they need to work towards and what will make them successful in the future.

“Typically the students who attend our preseason workouts are the ones who are more committed to the team, so they work harder,” says Grove.

Attendance to these activities may affect how a coach views athlete commitment and determination for that sport. These activities can show the character of an athlete and what their position could be on the team.

Sports may be a very important aspect of a student’s life; it is their time to escape from the hustle and bustle of school work.  A preseason activity allows students to practice their sport before the season officially starts. These activities are viewed by many as a way to be prepared to work hard for their best season yet.


Get Ready to be at the Courts Around Tennish!

A Successful Season for Amber Clark and the JBHS Tennis Team


Sydney Jones

Amber Clark prepares to hit the tennis ball to win the point.

The tennis season is short, and the girls have been trying to make the best out of the time that they have together.

James Buchanan’s girls’ tennis team has been enduring a season filled with ups and downs. They have a record of eight wins and seven losses for this fall.


This year, the team has 14 girls, but only seven play Varsity. In high school tennis, there are five matches that are played each game, three singles players and two doubles teams, making up seven players that contribute to the points that the team acquires.

James Buchanan Girl’s Tennis Statistics

Out of these seven players, one has stood out amongst the rest.


Amber Clark, 11, has persevered, only losing one match throughout the entire season. She plays number three singles, and has been climbing her way to the top of the team since she was a freshman.


“I feel like I’m a lot more focused with Tennis than I used to be,” Clark states.


This increase in concentration has resulted in improvement, which has been a reoccurring theme in her tennis career. Going from junior varsity in ninth grade, to number two doubles her sophomore year, and she continues to prove her drive as number three singles.


In regards to comparing singles and doubles, Clark explains, “Obviously when you’re playing singles, everything’s on you, to get everything right. There is a little more pressure with not having someone there to help me. I kind of like the freedom a little bit more, being by myself, and being able to play the way I want to.”


The independence has given Clark a better year than she could have imagined.


No one was more surprised about Clark’s essentially undefeated season than her, “I really didn’t expect it. I thought getting into singles it would be a lot tougher than doubles, and it is, but I didn’t think I’d be more successful at singles than I was at doubles.”


Tennis has been a memorable experience for her, and she is very grateful for it.

Pullquote Photo

“I feel blessed to have the season that I’m having, and to have the teammates that I have, and the coach that I have. It’s been a great experience,”

— Amber Clark

Even though the season may be over, Clark and the other top seven are gearing up for Mid-Penn’s, which are quickly approaching. They will be Oct. 5, 6, and 9, and the girls will be facing off against other teams in their division, hoping to be the best.

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