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What Is So Egg-Citing About Easter?


With Spring right around the corner, everyone is excited to celebrate the hoppiest day that falls in April this year: Easter. With Easter comes the activities that everyone loves including dyeing eggs, Easter egg hunts, and lots of candy.

Easter originated as a Pagan festival to celebrate spring in countries north of the equator. In the Greek mythology, the goddess of earth, Demeter, grieves during the six months that her daughter Persephone, goddess of spring, is in the underworld causing nothing to grow. According to ABC News, the Spring Equinox marks the point where she returns and plants are revived from winter hibernation.

The spring equinox is a day where the amount of dark and the amount of daylight is identical,” said University of Sydney Professor, Carole Cusack in an article by ABC News.  “ You can tell that you’re emerging from winter because the daylight and the dark have come back into balance.”

After the advent of Christianity in the early first century, the Easter season became linked to the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ. The theme of Easter was a festival to celebrate new life and rising from the cold dark winter, which connected to the Christian belief that Christ rose from the grave.

Other influences on the Easter season include the Saxon (Germanic) Goddess, Eostre. According to famous American Lexicographer ( a compiler of dictionaries) Robert Barnhart, in Saxon culture, Eostre is the goddess of fertility, which coincides with the new life that the spring season brings. Also, Eostre’s symbols include eggs and rabbits, popular emblems in commercial Easter today.

With the rising popularity of Easter, in the early 19th century, a big push for commercialism of the Easter season was seen. “Card companies like Hallmark became big by launching images of cute little rabbits and Easter eggs on cards,”  said Dr. Cusack in the ABC News article. This and the other incorporations of past traditions and religious influences led to the Easter festivities and poster symbols that we see today.

Easter is celebrated in many different ways and for many different reasons. For Jae-Lin Carmack (12) Easter is a time to enjoy family activities. “My mom puts together an Easter “Eggstravaganza” for our close family, it’s basically a big scavenger hunt around Mercersburg, Chambersburg, and St.thomas,”  said Carmack.

“We go find hints that lead you to different places and we eventually end up all back at one spot, which is my house, for Easter dinner,” said Carmack.

Food is another thing many families include as a large part of their Easter celebrations. When asked what her family includes for their Easter meal Lauren Fleming (12) explained, “ Our family usually has a big Easter Dinner, We all get together and have a bunch of different foods but the main course is pork and sauerkraut; it’s a tradition.”

Whether it is enjoying egg hunts and Easter baskets with your family, celebrating religiously, or just by taking in the warmer weather, Easter is an enjoyable day beloved by many.



Find Out the Benefits of Spring Cleaning!


Opening the door to the bedrooms you have not seen since the summer, you are shocked to see the dust bunnies in the corner, and the inch of dust covering every piece of furniture. With a dust mask on and a tool belt filled with Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Clorox Wipes, you are ready to take on the biggest task of them all: spring cleaning.

Cleaning sounds like too much work; is it really necessary? According to Small Business Trendsetters, it is very important to clean your house to get rid of all the airborne bacteria, mold spores, pollen, and all the other things you brought inside on the bottom of your snow boots.


According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, “Removing allergens from the home can make you feel healthier, especially at a time when allergies are rife.”


Nasal allergies affect about 50 million people in the United States” (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). With the spring season quickly approaching, allergies are making people’s eyes water, throats ache, and causing chest congestion. It is important to take steps to prevent from getting these symptoms. One way to eliminate allergens is to get your carpet cleaned every 6-12 months.


According to Small Business Trendsetters, “All winter long the house has been shut and one’s carpet becomes a breeding ground for airborne bacteria, mold spores, [and] dust mite feces…. All of these things get lodged in our carpets, furnishings, bedding, and draperies and they need to be cleaned.”


SBT suggests hot water extraction as being the best way to clean your carpet. Hot water extraction is from a truck that can produce heat from 190 to 245 degrees, which kills and flushes out any germs and bacteria that may be growing in your carpet. The powerful vacuum can also suck up any other segments that can be logged inside the carpet.


Spring cleaning is not just about getting rid of allergens, it can also improve other ways of life as well.


Natural News claims, “63 percent claim that happiness is a shiny sink, and the act of cleaning itself gives 57 percent of the population a sense of satisfaction.”


Dr. Joseph Cilona with The OZ Blog said, “Cleaning and organizing your personal spaces lets you enjoy a tidier and more organized environment and this can relieve stress. Levels of stress can also be reduced during the act itself as cleaning is considered to be therapeutic.”


According to America’s Anxiety Disorder Center,  “A thorough clean helps to clear your mind of things that need to be done around the house and makes it easier to focus on other more important things.”

An important factor, that most people forget is to take the cleaning process slow and try not to overwhelm yourself all at one time. Start off small, taking one room at a time, and work to bigger things. Open the windows, let the fresh breeze come in, and embrace the wonders of spring.

Sprinting Into Spring

As warm weather approaches and the sun begins to shine, spring sports make their debut for the 2017-2018 school year. Track & Field has just kicked off their season by beginning their routine of after-school practices and workouts.


This years’ Track & Field team is led by Coach Jason Cotton, with help from assistant coaches, Mrs. Breanna Grove (Faculty), Mr. Kyle Grove, Mr. Jerome Staniszewski, and Mrs. Kelly Shindle.


Last year the Boys’ Track team was undefeated and named the Mid Penn Colonial Division champions. Working together both the boys’ and girls’ teams went 6-6 and scored over 8,000 points. However, this is a new year and as the season kicks off, and so does the hard work.


“I feel confident and excited for this season,” said Marlee Barry (11). “Even though we have a smaller amount of people.”


Each individual person on the team is responsible for earning points to win the meet. However, working as a team, no matter how small, is still important to be successful in this sport.


“Team bonding is very important,” said Barry. “When you have a good bond with your team, you know that they will always be there to help you out.”


To prepare for meets, students go down to Rocket Stadium to the track every day to work with coaches and other teammates in order to get ready for the events they participate in during meets. During practice, they do stretches, a warm-up run, and then break up into groups to work on their event.


With the workouts, the team members physically prepare their bodies to get back in shape for the season. They spend time doing vigorous ab and leg workouts to strengthen their bodies, along with spending time in the weight room to build more muscle. They also learn correct techniques to be successful in their event.


“They teach us how to run so that we increase our speed to run faster and start off really fast,” said Alyssa Young (9).


For some, track season is continuous. Many students work during the offseason to stay physically prepared and keep their endurance up.

“It’s really important to stay active,” said Barry “If you continue to work, you can only get better.”


Students do not only want to earn points for their team at meets, they also are trying to improve themselves and their times to carry on their shoulders throughout each season.


“I really want to improve my running times and break my personal records,” said Young.


The track team has their first scrimmage tonight, Monday, March 19 at Rocket Stadium directly after school.


Although it’s just the beginning of the season, preparations and practices have begun for the James Buchanan Track & Field team. Sooner than later, beautiful days will be spent sprinting, jumping, and shot putting all the way to victory.

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