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New Coaches, New Attitude


Usually, a new coach for a team, creates a new attitude and goals for the season, this year the entire basketball program created new attitudes and goals. 

With the retirement of both girls’ and boys’ coaches last year, this left an opening for two new head coaching position. Coach Rebecca Miller (Faculty) and Coach Matt Piper were chosen for the jobs, both previously being Assistant Varsity Coaches.

“It is very challenging being a head coach, because it isn’t just about coaching one team,” said Miller. “There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes that you do that isn’t just on the basketball court.”

Most people think being the head coach is being the coach to one single team, but there’s much more than that. Having the head coach position, that means you also have to be paying attention to the middle school teams and even the elementary kids. Also adjustments and goals have to be made to better the team.

“We’re talking more about building a family and a unit,” said Piper.

The main goal for the coaches, was to do more than win games, but it was to grow as a team and become a family. Both teams have done things on and off the court to become closer.

During a timeout, Coach Piper encourages the boys to finish the game with a win.

“Everybody needs to have fundamentals and if you make your players be good basketball players, then it doesn’t really matter what plays you run,” said Miller.

With changes in the program and teams, the attitude for the players should not. Changing plays and positions is helpful, but the main idea is to just have good fundamentals and be a good ball player. 

“This season we are going to play hard and play harder as a team,coming in every day and doing our best,” said Piper.

Both coaches remain hopeful to become higher in their league and better not only the teams, but they program. 

Tip-Off of the Big Season Ahead


After traveling out of bounds, the ball rests in the referee’s hands before being passed into play.

Dr. Strine has skills


Dr. Strine isn’t all work and no play! He took a moment to show off his basketball skills for the JB Student Media staff.

Dr. Strine demonstrates his basketball skills for the JB Student Media staff.

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