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How Do You Like That AppleFest?


Vendors are set up along the square of Chambersburg for Applefest.

On October 20, The Downtown Business Council had their annual Chambersburg AppleFest.  AppleFest is a family tradition with lots of entertainment, crafts, and food vendors. The festival lasted from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday.  The event is free and has many activities for the whole family. The Festival covered around six blocks of downtown Chambersburg with over 180 vendors.

Tony Diehl sells Denim Coffee at the Chambersburg Applefest.

“When we found out we could put a table outside and serve right in the community we jumped on it and we are happy to be out here! ” said Tony Diehl from Denim Coffee.

Denim Coffee is a roaster based in Shippensburg that is taking over C&C Coffee on the square of Chambersburg.  Many businesses use the AppleFest as a way to get out in the community and promote their products.

This is the case for Angela Martin, a first-year vendor at the Chambersburg AppleFest with her business Amenity Therapeutic Herbal Wraps.  

Angela Martin sets up her booth at the Chambersburg Applefest.

 “It’s going wonderful, I’ve been so busy this morning I haven’t had a chance to eat my lunch … I’ve always visited this Festival and then I started my own business in 2015 and I thought it would be fun to come sell my product,” said Angela.

Some of our own teachers were at the AppleFest, some would say it was a “JB reunion.”  James Buchanan Faculty Ms. Amy Violante, Mrs. Lynn Troutman, and Ms. Amanda Kuchinski were at the Apple Festival with their families and friends.  Watching the Mar-Le-Nie dance performance was a hit with the James Buchanan Faculty because Troutman’s daughter, Claira, performed.

Amy Violante (faculty) left, (Dietrich Troutman), Lynn Troutman (faculty), and Claria Troutman sit in the food court at the Chambersburg Applefest.

The food vendors were another big hit with the festival. “I’m coming back later today with my mom and I hope we’ll go to the Falafel Shack vendor… it’s my favorite restaurant.” said Violante.

Along with the Faculty, there were also many students from James Buchanan at the Applefest.  Mallory Peck (11) and Madison White (11) were just two of the many students participating in the Apple Festival.

“The AppleFest is tons of fun, it’s a family bonding experience,” Peck (11) said.  

Mallory Peck (11) enjoys a apple cider slushie at the Chambersburg Applefest.

  She has been going for many years and would even consider it a family tradition.  Peck enjoys walking around and looking at all the different products people are selling.  

Next October, put AppleFest in your calendar for a memorable experience.

College Confusion Conquered

Struggling with your college applications?


Calling all seniors at JB!  If you have been confused about college and the application process, then this article is for you!  Ms. Amy Violante, College Advisor, and the College Ambassador team are an outgoing bunch  willing to assist in every way possible!

College applications and essays can be very confusing at times.  Any little piece of information available to assist most high school seniors absorb right away.

“Know your deadlines, do all of the optional pieces, demonstrate interest in colleges you would like to attend, apply to a balanced list of colleges and consider using the Common App,” Violante said about her top five tips for college.

Stressing these points are very important.  Her own college application experience was enjoyable, however she feels that if she would have known everything she does now, she could have found a better financial fit for her.  A great opportunity to fill out college applications is coming up on Nov. 6.  This is a day where any senior can have some time fill out applications.  If there are any questions you can ask Violante or the College Ambassador team.

“Had I applied to or been accepted to more colleges, I may have had another great college option that would have been a better financial fit,” said Violante.

Keeping this in mind, senior Maddie Hissong, College Ambassador,  recommends that seniors to apply to many different colleges.


“It’s good to apply to five or more colleges,” Hissong says.

Having more options are always better.  Everyone needs three types of schools: reach, likely, and safety.  A reach school is the school that may accept you, but is not guaranteed.  Likely schools are the schools that you will get accepted to, but may not be the ones that are the best for your major.  A safety school is a school that will accept you and that is good for your major.  These schools are the ones that are your safety net in case there aren’t any other schools that you can get into.

Along with applying to college comes financial aid.

“The most important part of applying for college might be applying for financial aid,” Violante said.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a crucial part of applying for college.  There are different deadlines for each school; everyone needs to fill out the FAFSA, even if it is believed none will be received.  

“Fill out your FAFSA,” Hissong said.

There are many important factors about college, some hidden some not.  Violante and the group of college ambassadors are always willing to help.

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