2019 Special Olympics

On May 1 2019, the James Buchanan High school hosted their own Special Olympics. Taking place at the rocket stadium, schools in the Tuscarora school district bussed their kids to the stadium early Wednesday morning.  With a total of 42 participants; 19 high school participants, 9 Middle School, and 14 elementary school students. Each student competed at 3 events; softball throw, track race, and the long jump. Each school was put into different teams which competed against each other in the different events. Every participant was given 3 tries to get a better distance/score, when the participant finished they were given a popsicle stick telling them what place they received. All the students were happy as they showed off their multiple ribbons to the volunteers as well as their own parents who were welcome to attend the event. The day was filled with lots of cheering and encouragement as students had a chance to come out of their shell and express themselves.

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