Sewing Together the Perfect Night

May 23, 2018

The weather was a little dreary with the rain but everyone was dressed to the nines in gorgeous gowns and tuxedos. The air was filled with the smell of flowers and all around people were taking perfectly-posed photos in front of the gorgeous venue at Green Grove Gardens.


Girls spent all day doing their hair, makeup, nails and getting dressed. Boys look almost unrecognizable in their tuxedos, compared to their everyday school attire.


Prom is one of the most memorable events for all high school students, but for two particular girls the night was made even more memorable by getting to show off their own unique handmade prom dresses.


For Aria Jewel-Barnett (11), creating her own prom dress is a special memory


We began planning (the dress) two weeks before prom,” Said Jewel- Barnett.  With the help of her mother she was able to finish the project at the last minute.


On the day of prom, we woke up early to finish up the last step of the dressmaking,” she said. “Our old sewing machine broke down, causing utter mayhem and frustration; It was very stressful because we were in such a time crunch.”


For last year’s and this year’s dance, Lauren Fleming (12) started her dressmaking process early.


“I started making my dress in January,” said Fleming.  


She was inspired to create her own dress because, “I always hate wearing a dress that someone else could wear, I like uniqueness.”


Sizing was another reason for crafting her own gown.


“Making your own dress means you could make it the exact way you want it and for your correct size.”


Designing a completely unique and personalized dress is also a good way to cut spending during prom season.  For Lauren, crafting her dress only cost her $20 for a dress pattern and Aria spent only $50 to create her gown. Comparing this to the $300 dollars the average teenage girl will spend on a prom dress, designing your own dress can be a huge money-saver, as well as a memory that will last a lifetime.


Creating a handmade dress takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and can pose a list challenges to any skilled dressmaker. In the end, the finished product is worth all of the time and effort.


For any beginning seamstress, the girls gave some pointers and tips on what to pay attention to while embarking on making your own dress.


“Always start out with a small project and work your way up,” Fleming said.


“I would highly suggest having to start at least a month before prom,” said Barnett. “That way you won’t be so stressed on the day of your prom. “

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