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Every sport has a designated season, but who says you can’t start workouts before that start date? As winter sports are coming to an end, spring sports are in full swing. Hard work is needed to be successful at anything, and that includes sports and the fundamentals within. Many sports at James Buchanan provide preseason activities for student athletes. At this moment, preseason activities for spring sports are in full swing. Boys’ and Girls’ Track, Softball, Boys’ Tennis, and Baseball are all spending time honing their skills.

“For preseason tennis, we go to the Mercersburg Academy, where they have indoor courts,” said Nick Alfree (12). “Depending on their availability, we play competitively, doing matches and individual drills so we have a head start.” 

Many teams have optional practices like this for students, which allows them to better prepare themselves for their upcoming season. 

“I enjoy this a lot because since freshman year, I basically started from nothing to now having a good handle on the fundamentals,” said Alfree.

Athletes  use preseason activities to further their skills and keep themselves in shape for the season ahead.

“We do more weight training instead of skills, said Coach Breanna Grove (Faculty). “Skills are more during the season, off season is more general training or general fitness.”

Off-season training allows for students to make decisions on what they need to work towards and what will make them successful in the future.

“Typically the students who attend our preseason workouts are the ones who are more committed to the team, so they work harder,” says Grove.

Attendance to these activities may affect how a coach views athlete commitment and determination for that sport. These activities can show the character of an athlete and what their position could be on the team.

Sports may be a very important aspect of a student’s life; it is their time to escape from the hustle and bustle of school work.  A preseason activity allows students to practice their sport before the season officially starts. These activities are viewed by many as a way to be prepared to work hard for their best season yet.


Spring Sports


Owen Cooper (10) stretches out before track practice.

JB's Spring Sports

Sprinting Into Spring

As warm weather approaches and the sun begins to shine, spring sports make their debut for the 2017-2018 school year. Track & Field has just kicked off their season by beginning their routine of after-school practices and workouts.


This years’ Track & Field team is led by Coach Jason Cotton, with help from assistant coaches, Mrs. Breanna Grove (Faculty), Mr. Kyle Grove, Mr. Jerome Staniszewski, and Mrs. Kelly Shindle.


Last year the Boys’ Track team was undefeated and named the Mid Penn Colonial Division champions. Working together both the boys’ and girls’ teams went 6-6 and scored over 8,000 points. However, this is a new year and as the season kicks off, and so does the hard work.


“I feel confident and excited for this season,” said Marlee Barry (11). “Even though we have a smaller amount of people.”


Each individual person on the team is responsible for earning points to win the meet. However, working as a team, no matter how small, is still important to be successful in this sport.


“Team bonding is very important,” said Barry. “When you have a good bond with your team, you know that they will always be there to help you out.”


To prepare for meets, students go down to Rocket Stadium to the track every day to work with coaches and other teammates in order to get ready for the events they participate in during meets. During practice, they do stretches, a warm-up run, and then break up into groups to work on their event.


With the workouts, the team members physically prepare their bodies to get back in shape for the season. They spend time doing vigorous ab and leg workouts to strengthen their bodies, along with spending time in the weight room to build more muscle. They also learn correct techniques to be successful in their event.


“They teach us how to run so that we increase our speed to run faster and start off really fast,” said Alyssa Young (9).


For some, track season is continuous. Many students work during the offseason to stay physically prepared and keep their endurance up.

“It’s really important to stay active,” said Barry “If you continue to work, you can only get better.”


Students do not only want to earn points for their team at meets, they also are trying to improve themselves and their times to carry on their shoulders throughout each season.


“I really want to improve my running times and break my personal records,” said Young.


The track team has their first scrimmage tonight, Monday, March 19 at Rocket Stadium directly after school.


Although it’s just the beginning of the season, preparations and practices have begun for the James Buchanan Track & Field team. Sooner than later, beautiful days will be spent sprinting, jumping, and shot putting all the way to victory.

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