College Application Survival Guide


While lending a helping hand, Amber Brindle (12) chats with Maddie Hissong (12) to make the process more enjoyable.

If you have been thinking about how you are going to survive filling out college applications when you become a senior, don’t stress, a few seniors have given advice on how to survive the process and the applications themselves.


Every year, James Buchanan High School has College Application Day in the fall. Seniors who choose to participate can go and fill out their applications with the assistance from several peers and adults.


With many college options around the country, this gives you a chance to make your decision on where you want to apply.

As students inquire about their applications, Ms. Amy Violante (staff), sets out to assist Abby Mackling (12) with her questions.

“You fill out a paper where it’s like your top four colleges you wanna do, and you mainly try and complete those,” said Tanner Miller (12).


Along with you being able to apply to the colleges of your choice, there is also direct decision where you can apply to a school and get accepted that day.


“I like having that direct decision, you know. Knowing I’d be accepted right there was really nice,” said Emma Bafile (12).


Friends come in handy, too, when completing your applications and making the process go by smoother.


“Kinda work with your friends, arrange to meet at certain periods, and then just proofread each other’s essays and just help out. It is more fun when it’s a group,” said Bafile.


Even though you can use your peers, there will also be professionals who are there to assist. 


“There were tons of people floating around, and really all they were there for was to answer your questions, so use them,” said Makenna Piper (12).


If you are not sure that using the people around you will be enough to conquer your nerves about filling out applications, research the information that needs to be filled out beforehand.


“Look up what colleges you want to go to in your junior year, and start looking at applications, not necessarily filling them out, but at least looking at them and seeing what kind of information is required,” said Miller.


If you still don’t have your mind set on what you want to be, there is still time to decide.You should take your time and think rationally about your future career path.


“I’ve been kinda fluctuating between psychology, english, and law,” said Piper. “I would love to go into psychology or even philosophy, but the thing is, it’s hard to get a job without having a doctorate or a masters.”


College applications can be stressful to complete, so take your time, ask questions, and follow advice.