The Rocket Flame

Rockets Catching the Dub for School Spirit


Emma Gipe

Cass Martin (12) and Hannah Kimmel (11) lip sync their portion of the Lip Dub project as Austin Thomas (10) films and Mr. Kevin Gustafson (Faculty) carries a speaker with the music.

On Tuesday May 7 the faculty and students at James Buchanan High School showed what being a Rocket is all about during their morning activity period.  Students in Mr. Kevin Gustafson’s (Faculty) Sports and Entertainment Marketing classes planned a Lip Dub in which the whole school participated. Every club, sports team, student and faculty member were shown off in the lip-syncing video.

Students in the class stayed after school Monday to decorated the halls with balloons, streamers, and posters sporting our school colors and cheering on the Rockets to show off during the video. Also, most students wore green and white to show school spirit, representing their various organizations.

“Coach G had the idea last year and showed us a couple of different schools doing lip dubs, which made us decide to plan our own,” said Madison Bailey (11).

The Lip Dub project showcased clubs like National Honors Society, Foreign Exchange Club, Work Co-Op, and sports like Football, Softball, Baseball, and Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis. 

Many people helped plan the Lip dub to make it run as smoothly as possible. Each club or sport was assigned to an area in the hallway. As a mashup of popular songs played over the loudspeaker of the school, students from Gustafson’s class filmed each club and sports team.

“We had to first start with songs,” said Bailey. “Considering what songs were the most popular and unblocked from the United States on YouTube.”

A map of where the clubs and sports teams were supposed to stand helped keep everything organized. A designated singer was assigned to certain areas in the school that walked through as each song played.

Kelley Reeder
Austin Thomas (10) and Mr. Kevin Gustafson (Faculty) pose for a photo after the third run of the Lip Dub Project on Tuesday. Austin was behind the camera and Mr. Gustafson had a speaker to play the music.

“Most of the student body was involved,” said Trenton Bradley (12). “We welcomed all clubs and sports teams to participate and we trusted them with the freedom to do their own act.”

There was even an activity period where everyone spent time practicing for the Lip Dub to work out some small kinks before the actual video was filmed.

“We even timed all the different switches between hallways and turns and began to place clubs in their different areas on the map,” said Bailey.


After all the clubs and sports were featured in the Lip Dub, everyone sprinted to the gym for a miniature pep rally where teachers and students did the wave and cheered. The drum line also pepped up the crowd for the video while the basketball team dunked to show our school spirit as a grand finale in the Lip Dub.

The Sports and Entertainment Marketing Class is now working on the editing process. They have to put all the clips together and add the music to make the final product.

“Expect to see the Lip Dub within the following weeks of filming,” said Bradley. “Definitely before the end of the 2019 school year.”

When the finished product of the Lip Dub project arrives, the James Buchanan student body will see all the work, planning and editing put in to make this happen.

“It was a lot, but between the two Sports and Entertainment Marketing classes and students, it became a huge success,” said Bailey.



SEM Keeps the Ball Rolling


Every exciting game and intense match. Every great play, shot, or run. Every impressive student athlete. All of these are important to the supporters of our school’s sports in the local community.


Sport and Entertainment Marketing is advised by Mr. Kevin Gustafson (Faculty). The creation of this class stemmed from Gustafson’s passion for sports, along with his experience of coaching for 27 years. He wants his students to learn how to promote sports, and how to promote entertainment activities.


“I thought that there would be a big interest in the sports side of it, and entertainment as well,” said Gustafson.


There was a pretty good turnout for the class, according to Gustafson, which is why the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class is split into three classes. There are two Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1 classes, and one class of Sports and Entertainment 2.


“My junior year I did recordings for games and wrote articles,” said Clay Sanders (12) but this year I am doing a show with Carlos Rauch.”


Sanders and Rauch are the anchors for Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Other students in the same class help with the show that SEM posts on their Youtube channel. This class is also in charge of all forms of social media.


“We’re more of a whole team, ” says Gustafson. “Clay and Carlos are the anchors, but we all pitch in for the rest.”


The class’ Twitter, @jbhs_sports, frequently Tweets scores, congratulations to individual players, and about plays via live Tweets and after the games. They even tweet before the games, wishing teams the best of luck, and try to get people to attend the games to cheer them on.


The first year class focuses on writing articles in The Mercersburg Journal and they recently started covering home games. Also, the class uses a program that simulates sports marketing in the real world. In the simulation, students do things like get sponsorships, set ticket prices for games, and even hire employees for your imaginary stadium.


“My favorite part about this class is always being involved in sports,” Sanders said. “I’m always learning new stuff.”


SEM is working on getting better equipment and more broadcasts in order to make what they do eye-catching to their audience and draw in more viewers. The class of Sports & Entertainment Marketing has bigger plans and improvements in its near future.


Sanders said, “We’re getting new stuff that way we are kind of taken more serious”.


Last year the students presented to the administration in order to get new equipment. New TV’s, a boom microphone, four cameras, a new projector, and two new desktop computers were all a successful outcome of the students’ presentation.


Gustafson plans to bring back broadcasts that students did last year which include play-by-play of games. These broadcasts are posted on the class’ Youtube channel.


Sanders and Gustafson both agreed that the class is a great preparation for a career for professional sports announcers, reporters, or anything sports-related.  


SEM isn’t just about sports. It’s about the group of students that work together to make sure that the community comes together and is involved as much as possible when it comes to all things sports related.

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