The Sun is Also a Star Book Review

The cover of The Sun is Also a Star

The cover of The Sun is Also a Star

The Sun is Also a Star (2016)

Author: Nicola Yoon


Synopsis: Natasha Kingsley is a Jamaican teenager who is about to get deported in less than 24 hours. As Natasha spends the day trying to get her family to stay in New York, she runs into Daniel Bae. Daniel is heading for an interview with Yale until his encounter with Natasha throws his day for a spin. Natasha and Daniel go on adventures around the city together, wasting the hours before Natasha may get deported.


What’s Hot

As Nicola Yoon’s first novel, Everything, Everything, turned out to be a popular hit that many enjoyed, Yoon succeeded herself with her second novel, The Sun is Also a Star. When the chapters changed, the narrator did, as well. This gave the reader different perspectives, not only from the main characters, but also from minor characters. The novel also hit the heart of many teenagers or adults that love a good romance. The differences between the two main characters’ beliefs, lives, and personalities made the novel’s love story more interesting and easy to get caught up in.


What’s Not

When reading through this novel, some might cringe or groan about all the cliche moments, which happen to make the book more unrealistic. There are also many coincidences that are, although cute to some people, can be repetitive and impractical. Another thing to note is that all of the moments the two main characters share and that bring the two together occur within the span of one day which is unique, but can also add another unrealistic factor onto the novel.  


Bottom Line

The Sun is Also a Star is an easy-going, romantic book that contains many unique factors that other novels lack. It is above satisfactory and I would definitely recommend this to others.