Cable TV or Netflix: which one do you choose?


Megan Rummel

Displaying their preferences of cable TV or Netflix are Colby Shingler (11) and Carlee Jackson (11).

The popcorn is popped, the fire is lit, the blanket is laying on the couch, and the television is on. It is finally time to catch up on the latest episode of Stranger Things, but the show is not being watched on cable TV; it’s on Netflix.

According to Netflix Media Center, 1998 was the year when the official Netflix website was first launched. During this time, Netflix was a DVD rental and sales website. Almost twenty years later, Netflix has movies and TV shows that can be streamed to multiple devices and includes the most recent and up-to-date content. In 2017, Netflix hit 100 million members from viewers across the nation. Netflix is becoming more popular, which causes more people to switch from cable TV to Netflix. This begs the question: Is Netflix taking over cable TV?

“I think [Netflix] has taken over TV because a lot of people don’t like advertisements anymore, and they would rather pay to not view advertisements,” said Kendra Martin (12).

There are people who have both cable TV and Netflix, which they use to watch their favorite shows and programs. A survey was given to 50 students at JBHS and asked if Netflix or cable TV is better. From the results, there was a higher percentage of people who preferred Netflix over cable TV.

“I only have Netflix and not cable TV,” said Faith Mitchell (11). “It’s just more convenient for some people because with Netflix, you can watch it whenever you want and all of your seasons are on there. Plus, it’s cheaper.”

Compared to the vast majority of people who like Netflix, Skylar Garlick (10) prefers cable TV over Netflix.

“One thing that I like about cable TV is that you can record movies and tv shows if you are not home,” said Garlick.

People choose Netflix over cable TV because of what features it contains. These features benefit their viewers, which allows them to have a satisfying experience.

“A lot of people have Netflix, so since it has all of the newer shows it’s just easier and more convenient,” said Mitchell. “For cable, you have to wait for commercials and with Netflix, you don’t have to.”

On the contrast, the features that Netflix has may not suit the viewers. For example, when it comes to TV shows, Netflix is not always up-to-date with the latest episodes.

“Unlike cable TV, you have to wait like a year for Netflix to release new seasons,” said Garlick. “Most of the time on cable TV, they release an episode each week.”

Ever since Netflix has been released, it has gained more viewers. Since the number of Netflix viewers has increased over the years, the way people watch TV has been impacted.

“Netflix tends to be a brand new culture to teenagers and the rest of the world,” said Martin. “It’s a faster, cheaper, and easier way to watch the shows you love…making it important for teenagers who want what they want.”

Ever since Netflix launched its first website, the number of viewers has grown over time. From the survey that was conducted, the results show that the vast majority of students would choose Netflix over cable TV. From the evidence given, it is evident that Netflix has taken over cable TV for many students.