Volleying For More Than Just a Cure


Rylynn Welsh (9), a freshman starter, attempts to make a kill on the opposing team’s side to bring back JB in points.

Representing something greater than just a battle for a cure, James Buchanan volleyball fought to the end of their game on Oct. 9 against Milton Hershey High School by representing women in our community that have struggled against breast cancer. The stands at the high school were filled with various shades of pink as people came to watch the team and to support a cause that is affecting women around the world.

To challenge Milton Hershey High School, the Lady Rockets Varsity team starts off the game with a team huddle. Putting their hands in and performing their Rocket chant before they take the court to challenge Milton Hershey.

Playing for a cure, Alex Horst (12), a senior, recaps on many memories from her first Pink-Out game to her last. Looking back on the past, a Pink-Out game serves as a different meaning for Horst since her time is up wearing a pink jersey.

“I didn’t think it would go as fast as it did,” said Horst.

Alex Horst(12) reaches above the net to attempt to block the opposing Milton’s middle hitters attempt to make a kill.

With every moment passing by on the court, till the final fourth set of the night, the Lady Rockets were determined until the end, winning the first set at the score of 25-22, but falling short in their last three sets to relinquish the win to Milton Hershey High School.

“The first set we all worked as a team and we came back from a large deficit,” said Horst

Coming up short from a win on a big night, many of the team members had loved ones in mind while they played. Many memories and raw emotions were displayed as breast cancer was found in 252,710 women in 2017.

“My great aunt had breast cancer,” said Horst.

.When asked about her favorite times with her great aunt, she responded, “Going over to her house after elementary school and hanging out with her and eating food, I love food.

A recollection of events close to Alex that she carries throughout the game in thought of her family.

Carly Sollenberger (9), a freshman starter, attempts to set her outside hitter, Alexis Keith (12), to get a kill to take the lead of the game.

Many of the Lady Rockets drive to play is fueled by people close to them that have either fought with cancer or are still fighting. For Alexis Keith (12), a senior at JB, she relates the event differently.

“It made the people with breast cancer realize that they are not alone,” said Alexis

Trying to sustain that passion on the court, Keith reflects on how she felt she played in support of the ladies in the crowd with cancer.

“I think I played well, but there’s always room for improvement,” Keith said.

Supporting the cure for breast cancer, the Lady Rockets held a serving contest by placing Pink Out shirts designed for the game onto the volleyball court after the second set of the game. A person would then donate a dollar for a serve for a chance to win a free shirt. Several participants won a shirt, including the other team showing support by playing.

After the second set, the team placed shirts on the volleyball court and gave their fans a chance to serve the ball in attempt to win a shirt.

Reflecting on the past for a greater future against this fight, we wear pink not just on the volleyball court, but all over the world in October to represent the brave women fighting everyday to win against breast cancer. A tradition for sports nationwide helping familiar ones or a person we barely know rescue their lives.

The Lady Rocket volleyball team would love to give a huge thank you to Stoner’s Dairy Farm for donating the pink jerseys for the game and for the support they give to the community.