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Wanna Stay Warm? Do it in Style

Hats, mittens, and scarves, oh my! There are tons of ways to keep warm this winter, but make sure you are keeping up with this season trends! There are many options to choose from, but depending on your personal look, you may lean towards a different style.



 From tartan to color block, scarves, no matter the pattern, are always a necessary piece in anyone’s winter wardrobe. Whether wearing one while you’re tubing at Whitetail or when you’re having a nice night out, a scarf can take an outfit from a not too hot.


To keep warm this winter, Kali Rotharmel (12) swears by wearing scarves to not only stay cozy but to dazzle up any outfit.

“Scarves are a nice way to accent a piece of clothing while keeping your neck warm, and staying stylish while comfortable,” said Kali Rotharmel (12).


According to India Yaffe in her article, some popular styles of scarves this winter would be blanket scarves, which are oversized and mainly come in a flannel print. Infinity scarves, a popular favorite, are still in style but are quickly being replaced by ones that drape across your shoulders and chest. On the other hand, coming quickly back into style are neck scarves, similar to ascots, but they tend to be more complicated to rock. If you are up for the challenge, although, go ahead and try it out!


Want a way to cover up your messy hair but keep your ears warm? Make sure to try out a hat! While hats are seen all year round, there are certain types that stick out during the winter.

“I think beanies are always popular during the winter, but I’ve also noticed berets have been more popular this year,” said Rachel Rotz (12).

The perfect accessory that accomplishes many goals: the hat. Not only does it keep your head warm, but it completes your whole outfit and covers up a bad hair day. Just ask Rachel Rotz (12), she swears by them!

Serving the purpose of keeping you warm, hats are very useful, but they also extend to being an accessory that pulls a look together, similar to a scarf.

“You could really wear it with anything, but I think they look best with a sweater and some jeans in the winter time,” said Rotz, “They’re casual but still pull a look together.”

While there are many high fashion hat trends this season, there are also some casual hats that you can see in this winter’s street fashion. Writer Camielle Lawson-Livingstone said on, in addition to the runway style, knit beanies, berets, newsboy caps, and even wide-brimmed fedoras are starting to make a reappearance. Some of these styles might be out of your comfort zone, but give one a try to make your outfit look like it just came out of New York Fashion Week!


Everyone knows a coat is to keep you warm, but that doesn’t have to be all it does! Don’t have a boring average coat. Instead, lean towards a coat that not only keeps you warm but makes people stop and ask where you got it!

“My favorite coat is a black bomber jacket,” said Jacob Troupe (11). “It’s in style right now, but not many people at JB wear them.”

A unique jacket may seem like it won’t go with anything, but it might complete your wardrobe.  It can change a look

You shouldn’t leave the house without a coat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Jacob Troupe (11) wears a fashion-forward bomber jacket to stay warm in the chilly weather.

from drab to fab!

“I like the classic look and feel that the jacket gives, and it goes well with a wide variety of clothes,” said Troupe.

As you can see on this article on by Amy de Klerk, the main trend this season is trench coats! Not just any plain trench coat, though. Instead, strong and bold patterns and fabrics are making this classic jacket stand out. On top of the trench, a new kind of coat is making its way into every store: the teddy. The teddy is a fuzzy jacket, usually camel colored, that many stores are aiming towards the younger generation.


The winter months are always fluctuating up and down in weather. It could be raining one day, it could be sunny and warm the next, and then the day after there are 8 inches of snow on the ground. With the weather constantly changing, it is easy to take a summer shoe and turn it into a winter shoe, or vice versa.

Incorporating shoes from other seasons, Mallory Peck (11) said, “I really like wearing my black converse, and also my Christmas cabin socks with Birkenstocks.”

No matter what the weather calls for, it is easy to figure out a shoe to wear.

Socks and sandals are making a comeback, and they are keeping everyone’s feet warm and comfortable. Mallory Peck (11) can’t go a day without camp socks and a pair of Birkenstocks on her feet!

“My black converse is a shoe you can wear in any weather. Socks with Birkenstocks is definitely a shoe to wear when it’s chilly out, and not raining or snowing,” said Peck.

Popping into style this season, writer Hannah Almassi depicts on how booties with cowboy boot accents, thick-soled sneakers, and loafers are on the scene. While those are the shoe styles, there are also elements of the shoe design that is new, such as animal print, leather brown, and square-toed silhouettes.

Whether dressing high-fashion or in trend with your age group, there are tons of trends to keep up with this winter. No matter what season, styles are changing and progressively coming in and out of style.

10 Ways To Make Your Christmas Season Sleigh

After all the turkey and stuffing is gone, and 95.1 immediately begins playing Christmas music, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. You can finally crank up “Jingle Bells” and decorate your tree with no judgment of celebrating “too early.” There are many little things you can do to make your Christmas season as festive as possible.


Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey, PA is a 2-mile drive through about 600 different displays of animated Christmas lights. As you drive through the winding  path, you can tune your radio to the special station that corresponds to the dancing and twinkling lights.

Hershey’s Sweet Lights in Hershey, PA.

Another way to enjoy the Christmas season is to take advantage of the deals when it comes to holiday shopping. Many stores have special promotions going on for buying lots of gifts. Malls and stores are decorated for the season and luring shoppers in with their sales and festive music. Locally, many people go to the Valley Mall or the Hagerstown Premium Outlets to do their holiday shopping.


Immediately after Thanksgiving, the upbeat and happy Christmas music begins to play which makes it obvious that it’s time for the holidays and to celebrate. Listening to Christmas music is a central idea in the holiday season.


“Listening to Christmas songs makes me enjoy this season so much because it just warms my heart how happy everyone gets,” said Lizzie Pittman (12).


One prominent thing in the holidays is shopping for a Christmas tree. Picking out a live Christmas tree is a unique experience when it comes to just getting an artificial tree out of a box every year.


“Finding the perfect Christmas tree with my family really puts me in the holiday spirit,” said Nathan Walls (12).


Another idea is ice skating. Locally, you can go to the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex and lace up a pair of ice skates. Admission is $5.00 and skate rental is $2.00.


“I really enjoyed going  ice skating my first time”, said Marlee Barry (12), “I liked it so much I actually once thought about taking lessons”.


Many locals in our area also spend time at Whitetail Ski Resort throughout the winter season, whether it’s time spent working, skiing, snowboarding or tubing. Whitetail has not yet opened for the season but will soon begin making snow for lots of skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.


Around this time is when many family members and friends give and receive gifts from one another. Many people participate in “Secret Santa” gift exchanges. Names are drawn out and you must get a gift for that person and keep it a secret until you exchange gifts.


“Secret Santa is a great way to celebrate the holiday because of the suspense and excitement it creates by not knowing who is surprising you”, said Emily Gipe (12).


Student Council also holds the annual Food Drive for the holiday season where students can bring in non-perishable canned goods to donate to families in need. The competition that takes place between the homerooms to win the prize gets lots of students participating.


There are also many other ways to donate back to the community during the holidays. Many “Toys for Tots” boxes and local shelters and organizations are in need of donations.


“We should all aspire to help others because helping other should be a part of your life,” said Mallory Peck (11). “Seeing someone else happy and know you were able to make that happen in some sort of way is one of the best feelings.”


Snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies are another way add to the holiday season. Many people bake treats to share with friends and family as a miniature present and a way to enjoy each other.


“My family always has a cookie bake day where we all get together at my great aunt’s house to eat lunch, bake cut out cookies, make a craft, and just have a good time in everyone’s company,” said Elena McNulty (11).


Memories and traditions made this time of year become annual and a special part of many people’s Christmas.


“My favorite tradition is playing Hershey Kiss Oven Mitt Relay Race at my Nana’s house after dinner,” said Harley Rife (12). “We put on oven mitts and try to unwrap a Hershey Kiss. When everyone on your team unwraps their candy, they get to open gifts first and also receive a mystery gift.”


When it’s time to relax by the Christmas tree, make sure you include watching lots of Christmas movies. This time of year, many TV channels and apps like Netflix have a wide selection of Christmas movies to enjoy with your families. Some movies to watch on Netflix are How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles, and A Christmas Prince.


“All my family watches Hallmark Christmas movies the entire day of Christmas Eve in our matching pj’s and then we make home made cookies for the younger ones to put out for Santa,” said Kali Rotharmel (12).


Many memories can be made and fun can be had while doing activities during Christmas. You can spend time enjoying the weather and seasonal activities, but always remember the real reason for the season and what it means to you.


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