Happy Death Day Movie Review

Happy Death Day (2017)

Cast: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Rachel Matthews, and Laura Clifton

Director: Christopher B. Landon

Synopsis:  Jessica Rothe stars as a typical college sorority girl named Tree Gelbman. On the day of her birthday she wakes up and goes about her day not knowing it will be the day she is murdered. The thing is she keeps reliving this day until she can find out who her murderer is and stop them.

What’s Hot

Christopher Landon brings a mystery/thriller to the big-screen. The film served as great entertainment. It was very motivating watching Tree adapt, take charge, and confront her situation, proving to be one of the movie’s highlights. The fact that Tree’s life isn’t bounded by the usual laws of time and physics prevents Happy Death Day from generating much suspense. It had a great theme and the acting were satisfactory.

What’s Not

If you’re not a fan of scary things that will haunt you, Happy Death Day some parts of the movie were very predictable making it less on the scary side. Which was disappointing because the previews portrayed the movie to be very terrifying.

Bottom Line

The movie was more of a comedy and a chick-flick, with some horror mixed in. It was very good and definitely worth a few hours of your time.