6 Reasons why you Should Listen to Audio Books

Technology is changing and advancing every day and something that is rapidly changing is the way people are reading books. Instead of reading books, people are listening to them through audiobooks. Audiobooks are a new form of reading and listening as a narrator tells the story.

  1. Allows you to multitask.


Everyday people have to juggle many things. Students have to juggle homework, family, and extracurricular activities. All of these things make it difficult to sit down and read a book. Audiobooks allow you to be doing something while listening to a book at the same time.

“It is harder during the school year to sit down and read a book,” said student      

Alliah Fluent (10) “I have to spend more time doing school work and sports.”  


 2. More People are using audiobooks


More and more people are using audiobooks. For instance, teachers in our school like Nicole Myers (Faculty) and Kelley Reeder (Faculty) have used audio tools called podcasts and incorporated them into their lesson plans.

“I’ve done podcasts for two years now,” said Myers “It’s something a little bit different and picks up engagement.”


3. Fits Right into your Pocket


Since audiobooks are electronic, they are all read to you through your phone. This makes them easily portable. This lets you listen to a book anywhere at any time of the day.

“All the books I read myself are mostly audiobooks,” said Myers. “I like the different kind of platform and experience it gives you.”

4.  A thing to do when you’re bored


Audiobooks can give you something to do when you’re bored and you have nothing to do. Instead of scrolling through Instagram or constantly checking your phone waiting for a Snapchat, you can occupy yourself with an audiobook.


5. Great narrators can bring books to life


Audiobooks are read to you by a narrator, the narrator helps the reader to get a better picture of the characters, setting, and what the book is all about. You also get to see and listen to different perspectives read aloud by the narrator.

“The characters and narrators transport you to another time and place,” said Fluent. “It also helps you to get away from all the stress.”

6. Helps to Improve Vocabulary

When reading a book, sometimes there are words you may not know. Audiobooks can help with this, since the narrator is reading the book to you, you know the word is pronounced correctly. The word that you once didn’t know, you now do.